TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

This warranty guarantees that the maker will, without charge, repair or ------- defective parts.

(A) replaced
(B) replacing
(C) replace
(D) replaces
No. 2

Kate will meet our visitors in the lobby and then ------- them some explanation about the museum.

(A) gives
(B) giving
(C) gave
(D) give
No. 3

Ms. Canberry told Nicole to bring at ------- two friends to the dinner party.

(A) fewest
(B) latest
(C) least
(D) best
No. 4

It's getting popular among university students to do volunteer ------- abroad over the summer break.

(A) works
(B) working
(C) worker
(D) work
No. 5

If you can't access the online shop, please fax in your order ------- business hours only.

(A) midst
(B) across
(C) except
(D) during
No. 6

All of the residents in this building must ------- fees for the facility maintenance.

(A) pays
(B) pay
(C) paid
(D) paying
No. 7

Mr. Lee has served as the president of this company ------- fifteen years and contributed to the community a lot.

(A) since
(B) until
(C) during
(D) for
No. 8

Most of the students who work here as interns ------- comprehensive technical backgrounds.

(A) needs
(B) have
(C) gives
(D) do
No. 9

In recent years many firms have started ------- the maintenance of their IT systems to cost cuts.

(A) outsourcing
(B) employing
(C) delivering
(D) shaping
No. 10

All the shipment is supposed ------- by custom officers.

(A) to inspect
(B) to be inspected
(C) to be inspecting
(D) to have inspected