TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

"As a result, all of the products by the food manufacturer were ------- as ""all-natural""."

(A) recalled
(B) brought
(C) replaced
(D) labeled
No. 2

The tragic tsunami had left hundreds of people -------.

(A) homeless
(B) out
(C) empty
(D) vacant
No. 3

The manufacturer takes back any ------- items that are found in the shipment.

(A) less
(B) worse
(C) missing
(D) faulty
No. 4

Personal computers are now ------- in a range of sizes and colors.

(A) edible
(B) available
(C) reachable
(D) feasible
No. 5

Kate will meet our visitors in the lobby and then ------- them some explanation about the museum.

(A) gives
(B) giving
(C) gave
(D) give
No. 6

Mr. Christian Lee, ------- an executive at USS Bank, became the CEO of LGS Insurance.

(A) once
(B) often
(C) soon
(D) now
No. 7

The shop clerk refused to ------- the customer's 100-dollar bill.

(A) changing
(B) changed
(C) change
(D) changes
No. 8

Joe was unable to ------- the problem by himself.

(A) solving
(B) solved
(C) solve
(D) solves
No. 9

The manager emphasized that we had to focus on understanding changing customer -------.

(A) needing
(B) needed
(C) needy
(D) needs
No. 10

The company decided to ------- a new social networking service for over 50 countries and regions simultaneously.

(A) save
(B) launch
(C) open
(D) remit