TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

My boss told me to take the rest of the day ------- because I was feeling sick.

(A) off
(B) over
(C) on
(D) ahead
No. 2

The company has become famous because it ------- a new logistics service.

(A) pioneered
(B) pioneering
(C) pioneer
(D) pioneers
No. 3

Gregory will have to work on weekends in order ------- the deadline.

(A) to make
(B) make
(C) made
(D) making
No. 4

It's our policy to make clothes for people of every size and -------.

(A) shaping
(B) shaped
(C) shapes
(D) shape
No. 5

Josh will ------- lunch at his desk today because he has to wait for an important call.

(A) having
(B) have been having
(C) be having
(D) have had
No. 6

When I called Nancy, she told me she was on ------- way home.

(A) her
(B) herself
(C) a
(D) another
No. 7

The latest annual report will be released ------- a few days.

(A) of
(B) in
(C) to
(D) from
No. 8

This software is able to detect a virus in the computer and quickly ------- it.

(A) sedate
(B) delete
(C) elate
(D) notate
No. 9

The manager was angry because most of the items which arrived yesterday ------- damaged.

(A) is
(B) has been
(C) was
(D) were
No. 10

The candidate promised to reform the laws ------- protect agricultural producers at the election.

(A) what
(B) that
(C) where
(D) for