TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

------- graduating from a college in Australia, Linda accepted a position at a private research center.

(A) Because
(B) After
(C) Already
(D) During
No. 2

All of the students in that class were invited to an ------- dinner by Professor Wilson.

(A) informant
(B) informal
(C) intelligible
(D) irresistible
No. 3

Alexia is a well known artist ------- holds a show in a gallery once a month.

(A) but
(B) and
(C) while
(D) because
No. 4

Unless we hear from you ------- ten days, we will have no choice but to close your account.

(A) within
(B) without
(C) through
(D) throughout
No. 5

Many officials at the ministry are skeptical about ------- from private sector.

(A) recruit
(B) recruiter
(C) recruited
(D) recruitment
No. 6

The company ------- the announcement of their new product due to a minor trouble.

(A) postpone
(B) postponed
(C) postponing
(D) postpones
No. 7

Mr. Omaha evaluates a company over the long ------- before he decides to buy its stock.

(A) curve
(B) term
(C) hour
(D) profit
No. 8

The chief editor Alex Anderson changed the front page headline at the last ------- because a suspect was arrested.

(A) month
(B) week
(C) hour
(D) minute
No. 9

Tom made a big mistake this morning, so the boss gave him a warning not to do it -------.

(A) again
(B) over
(C) once
(D) more
No. 10

With the election over, the new congress man could now ------- his attention toward solving pollution problems.

(A) change
(B) alter
(C) transform
(D) turn