TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

It's our policy to make clothes for people of every size and -------.

(A) shaping
(B) shaped
(C) shapes
(D) shape
No. 2

The English conversation club has become active since it brought some new members ------- board.

(A) on
(B) over
(C) for
(D) across
No. 3

Josh is worried that his wife often works to the ------- of exhaustion.

(A) pointing
(B) points
(C) point
(D) pointed
No. 4

Kate has the most ------- software applications installed in her mobile.

(A) portable
(B) parallel
(C) popular
(D) probable
No. 5

It was shocking news that Silverstone Corporation was fined for committing ------- and substantial violations of federal law.

(A) serious
(B) seriousness
(C) seriously
(D) serious-minded
No. 6

The staff and management of Royal Rose Spa and Resort have ------- much enjoyed serving you during your stay.

(A) especially
(B) very
(C) certainly
(D) extremely
No. 7

ABC Taxi is planning to introduce cars powered by fuel ------- in the next five years.

(A) deserts
(B) cells
(C) drains
(D) explosions
No. 8

The governor has concerns ------- with the rapid aging of the local society.

(A) associates
(B) associated
(C) associate
(D) associating
No. 9

Mr. Silverman almost missed the meeting with his client because traffic ------- was so bad.

(A) direction
(B) congestion
(C) digestion
(D) composition
No. 10

Tim made a presentation to the managers that was one and a half hours -------.

(A) long
(B) ago
(C) time
(D) fast