TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

The pilot announced that there ------- some mild turbulence during the flight.

(A) are having
(B) would have
(C) are
(D) would be
No. 2

The database is going to be down ------- maintenance purpose at midnight.

(A) against
(B) under
(C) for
(D) with
No. 3

Some people say Mr. Carlton's company focuses on promoting the ------- of shareholders too much.

(A) interesting
(B) interests
(C) interestingly
(D) interested
No. 4

A doctor told Carmen to take a leave of ------- because she was under too much stress at work.

(A) absence
(B) incense
(C) offense
(D) pretense
No. 5

Lucy was so busy today ------- she had no time to have lunch.

(A) because
(B) that
(C) which
(D) however
No. 6

George couldn't arrive there on time because he ------- the freeway exit on the way.

(A) drove
(B) saw
(C) left
(D) missed
No. 7

LA Community College ------- offer basic reading programs for children.

(A) frequent
(B) frequently
(C) frequentist
(D) frequence
No. 8

Nancy is still thinking of buying more winter clothes though her drawer can ------- hold any more things.

(A) mostly
(B) possibly
(C) hardly
(D) occasionally
No. 9

The secretary overheard a manager's conversation ------- CEO.

(A) because
(B) with
(C) towards
(D) at
No. 10

When the president of that giant film production company visits Japan, he will be accompanied ------- tens of body guards.

(A) from
(B) for
(C) by
(D) in