TOEIC 文法問題 ミニテスト <問題>

No. 1

The famous author doesn't have an opening in his schedule until ------- month.

(A) next
(B) after
(C) full
(D) another
No. 2

ABC's customer center tries to avoid leaving a customer ------- for more than 20 seconds.

(A) for hold
(B) on hold
(C) on hand
(D) in hand
No. 3

SANA's new shampoo had been on the market for not ------- three months when the company suddenly stopped all of its production.

(A) only
(B) many
(C) quite
(D) still
No. 4

We will ------- samples of the new product at the trade convention.

(A) give in
(B) hand out
(C) put over
(D) fill out
No. 5

As ------- exposure to heat will damage the products, please store them in a cool, dark place.

(A) stretched
(B) spoiled
(C) prolonged
(D) abused
No. 6

Mr. Peterson's performance was considered to be a major ------- even though it received little media coverage.

(A) success
(B) succeed
(C) successful
(D) succesfully
No. 7

The English conversation club has become active since it brought some new members ------- board.

(A) on
(B) over
(C) for
(D) across
No. 8

When you receive your monthly bill, you'll see that the amount you must pay is the ------- of several charges including adjustment cost.

(A) whole
(B) full
(C) sum
(D) final
No. 9

XYZ Automobile's new engine design ----- CO2 by 30 percent.

(A) costs
(B) cuts
(C) slams
(D) declines
No. 10

The letter ------- that the annual convention in Las Vegas successfully took place.

(A) acknowledgement
(B) acknowledgeable
(C) acknowledge
(D) acknowledged